Sponsorship & Advertising

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Bauer’s offers a diverse and unique list of sponsorship products at a very competitive pricing structure.

At Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation, we do more than just provide you and your guests with comfortable and luxurious rides. Through our Transportation Management Services (BTMS), we can provide you sponsorship and advertising solutions that help generate extra income and even lower program costs for your company. BTMS uses a unique advertising approach that uses vehicles as mobile billboards for your or your chosen sponsor’s image to be advertised around the city.

To help you make the most of this service, we help you choose the ideal sponsors, prepare budget forecasts and initial implementation costs, determine market trends and pricing, as well as coordinate the installation of the logos. You can be sure that everything will be covered from start to finish with BTMS.

Of course, we know that you will want choices, which is why we provide a number of packages that differ in terms of advertisement size and pricing. We offer:

advertising full wrapBauer’s Full Wrap

This will have your sponsor’s logo and chosen design take up full coverage of both sides, the front, and the rear of the bus. This allows for more design freedom since there’s a great amount of space to work with.


advertising half wrapBauer’s Half Wrap

This allows the logo and chosen design to take up half of both sides, the front, and the rear. Although less than full coverage, this still allows for bigger and better designs that will really capture everyone’s attention.


advertising king with wingsBauer’s King with Wings

This covers full vehicle height between the wheels, as well as two-foot extensions on the side.


advertising windowsBauer’s Windows

This option only covers the bus’s windows on both sides.


advertising king wrapBauer’s King Wrap

This allows the chosen sponsor’s logo and design to cover full vehicle height in between the wheels, but without the two foot extensions featured in the King with Wings option.


advertising queen wrapBauer’s Queen Wrap

This option has the design cover half of the King Wrap; only window height between the wheels.


advertising full ribbonBauer’s Full Ribbon

This advertising option has the design cover the full length of one of the bus’s sides.


advertising partial ribbonBauer’s Partial Ribbon

This allows your sponsor’s logo and chosen design to cover only half of the Full Ribbon. Although this is the smallest out of all the options, it still provides good exposure for mobile advertising.



Aside from these advertising methods, we also offer other mobile advertisement options:

  • Video ad space on screens in coaches
  • Sponsor logos printed on bus tickets
  • Pickup and drop off location signage

Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation will do everything it can to make sure your advertisement and your chosen sponsor’s logos and designs are made remarkable, whether on our vehicles or at every destination our vehicles head to. Through our BTMS’s sponsorship and advertising services, we can help you increase your profit and cut costs. Learn more about this service by contacting us today.