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School Bus Transportation

Establishing safe and trusted communities with the school districts to provide improved transportation.

At Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation we focus on the school kids and their safety because we want parents to trust that their children are safe once out of their hands and are attended to every step of the way.


  • RidePal tracking technology
    • Know where your kid is throughout their journey with our proprietary technology that allows you kid to scan onto the bus and gives you access to track them while in transit.
  • Professionally trained School Bus drivers
    • Equipped to handle any situation that might arise, even COVID-19 situations.
    • Trained in all Federal and state mandates.
  • 24/7/365 maintenance shop
    • Expert technicians that can resolve any issue, should it arise.
    • Electronic Pre/Post trips on vehicles
    • Mobile maintenance vehicles
  • Customized routing
    • Optimized to student locations
    • Hub and spoke model
    • Sporting event transportation
  • Dedicated Account Manager
    • Ensures all SLA’s are adhered to properly
    • Creative vehicle optimization & recommendations
    • Weekly meetings
    • Manages all client queries, feedback and support
    • Monthly reports
    • QBR’s
    • End-to-end transportation management
  • Wi-Fi Technology
    • Allowing kids optimal time to educate themselves while in transit.
    • Remotely monitored and managed allowing immediate response to service issues through Meraki.
    • Wi-Fi signals are encrypted to help ensure safe and secure network connections.

Please click this link to view our covid safety video and this link to read more on our Covid-19 safety protocols.

We saw that school transportation needed to be changed to deliver more peace of mind to the parent and that’s why we have stepped in to provide that solution with our robust transportation expertise along with our expert trainers to bring a high level of quality and safety that schools and parents can trust. We have been trusted to transport over 6 million people in the Bay Area for over 31 years and have develop an excellent school division that brings you the best in technology mixed with the best in safety and quality.