At Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation, we are committed to the performance and flexibility of our transportation solutions. We see technology as a vital component to improving:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Vehicle performance
  • On-time pickup and delivery
  • Fuel economy
  • Driver safety

Bauer’s Transit Technology

  • “Reserve a Seat” technology
  • “Delay to the PDA”
  • “Real Time” Ridership Evaluation
  • Route and ridership forecasting
  • On-line & seamless charter reservations


  • Real-time tracking
  • Vehicles update every 6 seconds
  • Vehicle’s location is reported to an internet server with a delay of not more than 10 seconds
  • Bauer’s collects and stores : latitude, longitude, speed, heading (North, South, etc), and ignition state
  • Once the vehicle’s position has been reported, it will be stored in the vehicle’s history and will also be available to be plotted, in real time, through a web interface.

AER tracking software

  • Identify and track over 50 types of unsafe driving actions and distractions daily for the first time
  • Cut accident frequency in half within 3-6 months
  • Benchmark across drivers, locations, and divisions
  • Counsel and retrain drivers using integrated web-based counseling
  • Reconstruct accidents to determine fault, expedite the claims process, and prevent excessive workers compensation claims
  • Unlock the mystery behind unattributed damage to the vehicle
  • Protect drivers with the use of a remote panic button by capturing suspicious events or security threats while on the road