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Environmental Commitment

Largest Eco-Friendly Bus Fleet in San Francisco, CA

Since 1989, Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation has been changing the face of the motorcoach industry, creating one of the largest private eco-friendly fleets in the industry using the CNG, propane, hybrid and biodiesel vehicles.

Today, fully 97% of all the company’s miles traveled are green miles, meeting the most stringent air quality standards developed by the California Air Resources Board to be put into effect in 2013.

Bay Area Eco-Friendly Transportation Initiatives

  • Bauer's Green VehiclesTo revolutionize the hybrid transportation industry, combining the luxury and safety of chauffeured transportation with the technological conveniences and environmental benefits of private, full-service individual and group transportation.
  • To continue to serve as the Bay Area’s leading provider of luxury chauffeured eco-friendly individual and group transportation with the use of alternative fuels, innovative training programs and implementation of new technologies.
  • To take people out of their vehicles by providing a first-class, environmentally-friendly transit option that gives commuters back valuable time, whether working productively onboard or simply relaxing in comfort.
  • To continue to contribute to significant congestion relief and environmental health in the Bay Area

San Francisco Transportation Company’s Environmental Partnerships

  • Gary Bauer has partnered with the San Francisco Airport Congestion relief and worked to replace 85 buses with 19 clean air CNG motorcoaches operating 300 percent more efficiently.
  • Bauer’s works with the San Francisco Business Council on Climate Change, an organization of green-minded businesses San Francisco that come together to solve local and regional eco-issues.
  • Bauer’s IT has partnered with the San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department, California Academy of Sciences and the De Young Museum to provide shuttle services throughout Golden Gate Park on Saturdays, Sundays, and major holidays.
  • President/CEO Gary Bauer serves as the following:
    • Executive Board member, San Francisco Convention and Visitors Bureau
    • Member of the California Limousine Association
    • Committee member of the San Francisco Congestion and Pollution working with the City of San Francisco to alleviate commuter issues.
    • Bauer’s is also a member of the CTA (California Transit Association), and the CBA (California Bus Association.)

Giving Back to the Bay Area Community

  • In an effort to underscore its commitment to the community and the environment, part of the proceeds from the Bauer’s eco-transportation service has been set aside to fund environmentally-focused initiatives through the  SaveIT Foundation, including the identification of local parks and playgrounds that need to be refurbished and working with other local green-minded corporations to accomplish this goal.

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