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COVID-19: Our Response

During this time of unprecedented uncertainty, all of us here at Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation are concerned about the safety and well-being of our families, colleagues, customers, partners, and the many friends who make up Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation’s family.

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Our hearts are with those who have been affected personally by the outbreak of Corona virus (COVID-19) as well as the many communities around the world that are facing extreme measures in the attempt to slow its spread.

For 30 years, we have been honored by the trust you place in us to run your critical business processes. In today’s challenging environment, we want to provide you more information as to how we are securing our business and looking out for you and yours. 

Guidance to Employees

Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation  has established a  Pandemic Task force, working  to coordinate all efforts around the COVID-19 situation and provide guidance to Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation staff.

Notable actions include but are not limited to:

  • All staff meetings are conducted virtually.
  • Strict hygiene policies have been implemented, and all employees are applying “social distancing” and hygiene protocols based on guidance from health authorities and our Pandemic Task Force.
  • Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation also provides gloves and masks for the protection of employees.

Assurance for Customers

For Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation  maintenance and support functions, we have business continuity plans in place that are activated on demand. All internal systems, tools, monitors, etc. are designed to allow for remote work. We have already activated these measures with no disruption in service. 

  • Working Remotely: For the majority of teams, work can be conducted through remote connections, which enables teams to work off-site for most tasks. Our team is working separately and remotely where possible to mitigate the risk of an entire team becoming infected. Employees who must be on-site are applying social distancing and hygiene protocols based on guidance from health authorities and our Pandemic Task Force. 

For your assurance, please see our SPECIFIC Standards and Protocols below:

Hygiene standards

  • Perform individual confirmation of chauffeur health prior to starting their shift by taking a thermal scan.  Employee’s with a temperature of 99 degrees or greater will not be permitted to work.  Other symptoms we watch for include:
    • Persistent cough and/or sneezing  
    • Fever
    • Shortness of breath or breathing difficulties
  • Bauer’s employees must notify management if they believe they may have been in contact with an infected individual or if they have traveled to a country with significant Covid-19 cases (see CDC list)
  • Hand hygiene is the most important tactic to prevent infection.
    • Proper hand washing
    • Avoid touching mouth, nose and eyes
    • Use of hand sanitizer
  • Respiratory hygiene standards must also be strictly adhered to and enforced.
    • Cover mouth with clean tissue when coughing or sneezing. Dispose of tissue immediately.
    • When tissue is not available, cough into bend of elbow. Not hands.

Preventative / proactive increased cleaning of high-touch areas 

  • Wash and completely sanitize the inside of vehicles every night.
  • Chauffeurs wipe key areas inside the vehicles at the end of each trip.
    • Horizontal surfaces using approved EPA registered cleaner/disinfectant and cleaning cloths, moving from clean to dirty, high to low, so cross-contamination does not occur during the cleaning process.
      • Handrails
      • Armrests
      • Tray tables
      • All door handles
  • Utilize proper personal protective equipment and techniques such as:
    • Gloves worn during all cleaning times and change between each cleaning.
    • Wash hands before and after breaks, lunch, and at the beginning and end of each day.
    • Wear masks and gloves at all times while on duty.

Reduced person-to-person contact    

  • Load the bus from back to front, this prevents walking past other passengers.
  • Passengers are required to wear facial coverings/masks and maintain six feet of spatial separation before boarding vehicle (Bauer’s will have a limited supply of extra face coverings on board).
  • Passengers sit no closer than six feet from the driver and other passengers.

If you would like, we can mark specific seats “UNAVAILABLE”  for passenger usage.  Not using these seats, will reinforce the social distancing requirement

  • Safety On-Site: Where on-site work is required, staff who are on-site to accomplish specific tasks are spending only the minimum time required in locations. Additionally, teams have implemented rotating schedules to reduce the number of people in a single location and to separate individuals in common teams as much as possible. Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation  has also sourced gloves and masks for the protection of our employees.
  • Disinfection Protocols: Trained teams are available to administer disinfection protocols at Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation as required and are prepared to respond to any infections that may be identified. 
  • Our Suppliers: Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation operations are supported by a number of strategic suppliers and we are in contact with all of them continually to ensure they apply comparable mitigation practices with their teams, while still maintaining service levels. For those who supply operational resources, we are focusing on scheduling and in-office practices to reduce the impact of any potential event. Finally, we are maintaining a database of updates and feedback from suppliers to ensure we can quickly locate and confirm documented information outlining the COVID-19 protocols and practices they are supporting.

As this situation evolves, your Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation team will proactively reach out if there is additional support we can provide. In the meantime, if you have any further questions about Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation response to COVID-19, please email

Be Safe and Healthy, 

Gary Bauer
CEO / President