Employer Benefits

How much can you save by providing a commute solution to your employees? And what other benefits can you accrue? Providing transportation to your employees will actually save you money.  Use this  information to estimate your own cost savings:

Revenue Generation Per Employee @ $100 per hr (2x) $200.00*
Cost of Employee’s Personal Car Expense 80 miles a day @ .58 $   46.40
Cost of Parking Spot Daily $   10.00
Minimize Intra-Campus Congestion Daily Priceless
Employee Retention/Recruitment Priceless
  • Total Opportunity per Employee = $256.40 each day
  • Cost of Transit Program =  $12.00 per day
  • Net Opportunity  per Employee* = $58,900 per year.

Additional Advantages

  • Number one hiring and retention tool for top talent and employees
  • Increases employee work productivity – employees can work on the bus, catch up on personal and work emails, and arrive at work less stressed and  ready to start the day
  • Employers receive tax credits – Section 132(f) Commuter Tax Benefit
  • Employers may soon be able to get carbon credits for reducing the pollution by providing commuter services and or similar shuttle, bus, or motorcoach commuting options for their employees

* Based on a one-hour commute and $100/hour revenue generation per employee.


save money with commuting solutions
  • Custom Design Routing for corporate commuter programs
  • Custom survey of all employees regarding their needs, route preferences, time of pick up preferences, etc.
  • Dedicated single point of contact – project manager who oversees the fixed routes, schedules special event s and handles any corporate charter needs
  • Real-Time Ridership Reports – instant notification of how many employees get on the bus and at what points of pickup
  • Trend Reports – monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annual reports on ridership trends
  • Monthly Operating Report Package for employers/corporations
  • Customized Technology Package
    • Badge In – employee swipes the employer-issued badge to get on the bus (security and safety feature)
    • Reserve A Seat
    • Wi-Fi
    • “Next Bus” technology (the arrival time of the next bus can be checked via cell phone)
  • GPS Tracking
  • Multiple Cameras on the bus to enhance backing up and prevent accidents
  • AVR Recorder – records any events/incidents