Employee Benefits

work, sleep, or rest during your commute

Bauer’s IT enables employees, who would otherwise be behind the wheel of a car, the ability to be more productive




Your employees’ commutes will transform from stressful, time-wasting  experiences into productive, restful oases.

  • It turns a 1.5-hour commute into a one-hour worry-free commute and assures that your employees get to work on time, safe, and stress-free (NY Times article: “…A recent survey showed that traffic was the No.1 concern for the area’s resident (for the 10th year in a row.”)
  • It enables employees to work during the commute (NY Times article:  “…can get a couple of extra hours of work out of employees who would otherwise be behind the wheel of a car.”)
  • Cutting edge WIFI and power port keep laptops and phones charged (NY Times article:  “…hooked on the convenience of the shuttles say nothing tops their commuting perk.”)
  • Eliminates parking problems and takes  1000s of vehicles off the road.
  • Makes it easy for team members to bring their bikes to work to get  around the campus and minimizes  the need for other forms of inner campus transportation.
  • 18″ flat screen LCD monitors allow employees to view team presentations or employer updates while en route.