Commuter Shuttles

Employer benefits

  • Extra 2+ hours of productive work from your employees
  • Employees arrive to work not stressed out from driving in traffic
  • Keeps employees very happy – a great perk to attain and recruit top talent
  • Improves employee retention
  • Increases employee productivity
  • Reduces your company’s carbon footprint

Employee benefits

  • Relax and get work done while someone else is driving and dealing with the rush hour
  • Enjoy luxurious interiors and Wi-Fi connectivity, making your commute a convenient time to charge up your phone, do work, catch up on email, etc.
  • Time saver;  you get the chance to get caught up on the latest events without getting interrupted, riding in comfort and style
  • Most employers pick up a part or all of the cost

Aside from these benefits, Bauer’s commuter services utilize a fleet of eco-friendly, luxury vehicles, allowing employees to enjoy their commute to work on leather seats.  Corian workstation tables and Satellite TV can also be included in the program.

If you wish to provide a shuttle program for your employees, Bauer’s IT has fast experience and a unique perspective to help you out. We were the first company to offer commuter transit services directly to corporate employers, and today we operate Commute to Work programs for some of the top Fortune 500 companies in the world.

If you have more than 1,000 employees or complicated logistics, our demand solutions help you meet local government requirements for permits of operation. Our expert Transportation Demand Management (TDM) team analyzes and deploys strategies and programs to efficiently reduce travel demand on commuters. This has a great impact on your potential to reduce costs, improve public health, and deliver better environmental travel solutions.

Our commuter services are available to fulfill the transportation needs of employees in multinational companies and large organizations, as well as to help office workers employed in state and local organizations. We have extensive knowledge and expertise in transportation planning, environmental impact management, and financial and policy analysis, helping us to create efficient and sustainable commute to work programs for our clients.