Commuter Bus Programs

Bay Area Commuter Bus Programs

For corporations, employers, universities, and municipalities in California seeking an effective way to address their employees’ daily commuting needs, Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation has the answer. As the first to provide commuter services to corporate clients in the Bay Area, we offer contract shuttles that make the daily commute safe and convenient for over 25,000 passengers each day.

corporate commuter shuttles

San Francisco Corporate Commuter Program

Organizations that need a corporate shuttle commuting program will benefit from Bauer’s Commute to Work programs. At specific points, a bus, shuttle, or motor coach will pick up employees and drop them off at the employer’s campus location and vice versa at the end of the workday, without having to take public transportation or drive to and from work.  Employees will enjoy faster commute times and a more relaxing experience on the road – a great advantage that will keep personnel happy and help attract top talent!

The luxurious amenities provided by our contract shuttles not only add convenience but also help boost productivity. Our fleet’s in-vehicle amenities offer internal Wi-Fi, back seat tray tables, LCD monitors and even power ports to keep laptops and phones charged in transit, allowing employees a greater ability for productivity during their commute.

Benefits of Utilizing a Corporate Commuter Program

Our corporate commuting solutions offer significant benefits to both employers and employees. Through our Commute to Work program, employers can receive tax benefits, reduce parking spot fees and employees’ personal car expenses. For employees who use public transportation to get to work, the program can help them minimize costs and benefit from a more relaxed and comfortable experience during their daily commute.

Whether you are a small or a multinational company, a university, or a government agency, we will come up with a strategy to help you reduce commute demands and orchestrate policies and plans that help manage transportation issues.

For inquiries about Bauer’s contract shuttles and other transportation services for businesses and organizations in San Francisco, fill out our quote form or feel free to call us at 1-800-546-6688.