City Tours

See the City by the Bay in a whole new light with our tour bus service.

From the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge to the delicious seafood and eclectic cuisine of Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco is bursting with beautiful architecture, historic landmarks and old-time charm. Sightseeing tour bus rentals will  help you experience the city’s unique sights and culture. Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation offers a broad range of luxury tours for groups of all sizes, giving you and your guests the chance to experience San Francisco.

Small Group Tours:  If you are inviting just a handful of visitors to the city, we recommend a small, intimate luxury tour on-board our bus rental service.

Large Group Tours:  Ensure that your large group travels in  luxury and comfort in  our climate-controlled motor coaches. These luxury vehicles come complete with amenities such as Wi-Fi, coffee, and customized first-class interiors.

We  also offer more customized tour bus rental programs by accommodating any special stops that you request. This way, you won’t be limited by a predefined sightseeing itinerary. Moreover, we offer personal pick-up points, allowing you elevate the experience for your VIP guests.

With our fleet of sustainable luxury vehicles and team of well-trained chauffeurs, you can rest assured knowing that your visitors will enjoy an organized and fun trip to SF. Our tour bus rentals will turn any business trip to San Francisco into an unforgettable, impressive sightseeing experience.

Your tour will be eco-friendly as well. Our fleet comprises only vehicles that use CNG, propane, hybrid, and bio-diesel. In fact, 97% of all our company’s miles traveled are considered green miles, because we meet the most stringent air quality standards developed by the California Air Resources Board.

Enjoy the sights and sounds of San Francisco in comfortable, feature-rich, and eco-friendly vehicles, along with our well-trained chauffeurs. Get a quote and make a reservation for your trip today!