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Meet Our Team

Transportation has evolved over the years from public, to private, and now into peer-to-peer ridesharing. That’s why Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation believe it’s important (and fun) to get to know your driver—why not know a little bit about someone you’re going to be spending the next hour or more with in a vehicle.

CHAUFFER: Raynard P.
We had time to catch up with Raynard (Ray) before he picked up some employees for their return trip home and we were graced with some awesome responses.

He answered every one of our questions and here is what he said…

Hi, my name is Ray! I’ve been with Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation for about 7 years and I have a commercial Class B license with air brakes, so that qualifies me to drive all vehicles that Bauer’s IT has available. I come from a transportation background expanding over some years so that gives me a various familiarity of the regions, so I’ll say I know it very well! 

What I enjoy about driving first and foremost is independence, secondly, is the fact that I love the outdoors and the ever-changing scenery of it. I also like the mental challenge of things that you encounter from day 2 day. I guess I could say fate let me to this job. I’ve been in a transportation business that entailed a lot of hustle and as you get older you tend to want to slow down a little I guess, so the transition was easy for me. Well prior to this, I was still in the transportation industry, but I was a Paratransit driver and I had a short experience with Airline catering which also required driving. I’ve worked many different types of jobs.

What I like about driving Bauer’s transportation is it works for me! I know it’s not for everybody, we all have our different needs, but I guess I could say it’s a mixed bag for me. Like family you have good and bad days with the people you’re surrounded with, so I just try to keep a positive outlook when things don’t seem so positive. I Don’t stress it.

Regarding Covid-19, I deal with it day-to-day, consciously aware of my surroundings, practicing hygiene, that should go without saying, and trying to stay healthy!

I was born and raised in San Francisco, California, and my family life was pretty normal, loving family and festive people. Everybody has their black sheep of course, but other than that I’d say it was normal.

My strongest influences in life has been, I’ll just say, the elders. Of course, there are others that you may not even know, could be something that was said that influenced me, or something that I’ve seen in life. There are all types of influences during the journey as I’ll call it, good and bad.

Ray has good energy and a positive outlook on life which is refreshing, especially during these times! He’s always willing to go the extra mile to help and brightens anyone’s day that he crosses paths with. We are honored to have had Ray with us for so many years and look forward too many more with him as part of the team!

Ladies and gentlemen, we’d like to introduce you to a gem of Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation—Susan Wales, who has been with us for more than 16 years. She has seen this company evolve into what it is today, and is the shining personality that greets you as you walk into Bauer’s HQ at Pier 50, in San Francisco! 

Besides being the amazing first person you meet upon your arrival at Bauer’s, Susan is also the Executive Assistant to Gary Bauer, the company’s CEO. She’s a busy woman, but she graced us with some time, and we sat down to ask her some questions, where she gave us great insight. 

Susan said something that stuck with us and we wanted to share it with you. As we were diving deeper into her background and got onto the topic of quotes, she mentioned that her favorite quote is by Henry David Thoreau: “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” 

This is so powerful because often we get so focused on what we want to achieve that we don’t notice the progression of change that is occurring within ourselves. That’s a great quote to remember!

Although Susan has been with us for a long time, her career started years before she graced us with her presence. Susan has had an extensive career working directly for CEO’s, and before Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation she was the personal assistant to a winery owner and was also involved in wine sales. Perhaps we should get Susan to take some of you out on a winery tour with Bauer’s…what do you say, are you in?

She was drawn to work for Gary because she wanted a career change and the opportunity to work in San Francisco (#TheGreatesCityEver), and although she has worked for CEO’s in the past, she stated, “I had never worked for an Entrepreneurial CEO, and I have learned so much from him. I started working for Gary when we only had one dispatcher and just a few vehicles. I have seen him grow the company and I’m so impressed with his accomplishments. I have always been very proud to say that I work for him.  He is a true visionary CEO.” 

Susan was attracted to work at Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation because she wanted to work for Gary Bauer and to have the opportunity to work for a growing company. After her first meeting with Gary, she knew she wanted to become a part of the family. She loves that Gary has always given back to the San Francisco Community and she gets involved in helping make our Thanksgiving Dinner Donations to the Hunters Point Community a successful event. Bauer’s IT gives 50 families food for that day and she has also volunteered for the San Francisco Junior League for several years.

Overall, Susan is a sweetheart that is always willing to help and give back to her company and community. We are over in her corner cheering her on because she loves the atmosphere and employees within the company. She has an absolute blast helping coordinate the employee lunches, Christmas company parties, and quarterly meetings. She always strives to make the meetings professional, but fun at the same time!

We then asked Susan some additional questions about her personal life and COVID-19, here’s what she shared…

How are you personally and professionally dealing with Covid19? 
Since I take BART to work, I always wear a mask and always socially distance myself from other passengers. I also sanitize the company kitchen and office because I care for my fellow co-workers and want to make their working environment safe. I also wash my hands several times a day and always carry hand sanitizer.

Where did you grow up and what was your family life like? 
I grew up in Marin and Sonoma Counties with my parents and Sister. My father owned a Business and my Mother was a Bookkeeper.  

Who have been your strongest influences in life? 
Both of my parents instilled in me having a good work ethic.

We did tell you that Susan is a gem…see what we mean? Susan is dedicated and passionate about what she does and always goes above and beyond. Come stop by Bauer’s HQ sometime and have the wonderful opportunity of meeting Susan Wales, and she can also help you connect with the right person about any transportation needs that you might have.

Tim spent some time with us today, so of course we got to asking him some questions so you can have the opportunity to meet more of our Bauer’s IT family. We have a lot of drivers on our team and it’s absolutely thrilling that you all have the opportunity to meet them and get to know them. 

Tim has been with us for 4 years now, but he has an extensive background when it comes to driving because he has been driving for 26 years now. We are thrilled to have someone like Tim on our team who possesses such knowledge on a variety of our vehicles. He is someone that is versatile and helps wherever help is needed, he’s grown to become a leader on the team and assists with trainings of new drivers too.  Tim holds a license to drive all our vehicles such as coaches, shuttles, sprinter vans and sedans. 

When it comes to being familiar with the routes and the bay area, Tim is like google maps, he knows everything. This skill is crucial in our industry, especially when driving one of our motor coaches because they cannot just go on any roads. He has such great knowledge of the surrounding areas because he has lived here since 1980 and Tim enjoys meeting new people, seeing new places and the freedom that comes with driving. An Ad captured his attention which drove him to become a part of the Bauers IT family, and we are grateful for that day. What attracted Tim the most to work for Bauer’s was that our HQ is close to where he lives, and we offer consistent hours which is more reliable for him. Tim mentioned to us that he likes that Bauer’s IT management does not micromanage their employees and there is opportunity to grow and advance careers.

When it’s comes to the current health situation we are experiencing (COVID-19), Tim is staying safe the best he knows how, and he is also helping us make sure that all our vehicles are disinfected and safe for you to ride. Tim moved from New York to California at a young age and joined the Navy. His dad has been his strongest influence in life because he showed him how to drive commercial trucks and everything he knows about being a parent and hard work. 

It’s was great to connect with Tim and to hear all about his driving experiences and we hope that you enjoyed getting to him a little bit too!

We are back again with another driver interview and this time Vera is taking the front seat! It was great to sit down with Vera and get to know more about her, and we thought it would be a delight to share it with you. 

Vera has been with Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation for almost 2 years now, but she surely is no rookie! She is dedicated and always works hard to improve herself and her skills. She currently drives our Ford Fusion Hybrid vehicle which requires a class C license. She is diligently working her way to a class B and is doing extensive training to be an expert at it. Vera is a team player and is always willing to lend a helping hand.

We asked Vera how familiar she is with the area and route that she drives and she delivered this response, “I know the area very well and I could do my route in my sleep, not that I ever would though 😉. We love that our drivers are not afraid to show their personalities and have some fun working while being professional too. She also went on to say that what she enjoys most about driving is that she gets to meet people. It is always a pleasure for her to meet new people and that they are all friendly. Vera was led to work with Bauer’s IT because she loves driving and before she came over to Bauer’s IT, she was doing security at AMD. So, ladies and gentlemen, you can be sure that when you set out on a trip with Vera Bosworth, you will be safe and have a very entertaining ride! 

When the question about what attracted her to work for Bauer’s came up, she said, “It afforded me the opportunity to pursue some of my passions. Driving and meeting new people, bountiful conversations, and the chance to learn new things about a plethora of cultures. “ We are a very diverse workforce and love to learn and understand each other’s cultures and backgrounds, but this is only possible because we have such a united family here at Bauer’s and we each take the time to get to know one another! Vera went on to say that what she likes best about driving for Bauer’s IT is that she is always learning new things because we give employees the opportunity to try new roles or experience different departments. 

We then moved onto getting to know Vera personally, so here are some of the Q&A.

How are you personally and professionally dealing with Covid19?

“Trying my best to stay busy, while being proactively safe, so I don’t even think about it.”

Where did you grow up and what was your family life like?

“I grew up in Santa Clara County and my family life was bad, but I made the best of what I was given because I believe in a positive outlook on life.”

Who have been your strongest influences in life?

“My father and my boss Wade.”

We had a wonderful time speaking with Vera about her work experiences, why she chose Bauer’s IT and getting to know here a little more. We would also love to know if you, the reader, have any questions for us about any of our drivers here at Bauer’s IT, so please feel free to reach out to us on any of our social media platforms @BauersIT.

DRIVER: Marty M.
We have the pleasure of introducing you to Martin Miller, a very experienced chauffeur at Bauer’s Intelligent transportation who has been with us for almost 13 years. He is an ambitious fellow, always striving to achieve personal goals! He currently drives our Ford Hybrid sedans, Cadillac Escalade SUV, Mercedes SUV’s and Ford Transit vans, but is also working on upgrading his license to a B class so he can drive bigger vehicles.

Marty is a veteran when it comes to knowing the Bay Area and the different routes that Bauer’s IT services. Additionally, he has experience working with our On-demand service at Cisco and knows the headquarters campus extremely well, so the riders count on him daily! Marty is a people person and really enjoys helping others because when we asked him what he enjoys most about driving he stated, I’ve always enjoyed driving. I especially enjoy driving other people-making it easier for them to get to work, to or from the airport or special places of interest.

He took early retirement from Qantas Airways, and after 20 years in group sales and inside sales, he wanted to be a chauffeur for a large company that did both leisure and corporate driving. Which in turn led him to talk to a few Bauer’s IT limousine and bus chauffeurs because he had often seen Bauer’s IT vehicles on the road in excellent condition, he then interviewed and says he is very happy working here at Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation. Marty enjoys both the management and his fellow chauffeurs because they are great to work with, but most importantly he states, the people I drive make this the most satisfying job.” 

Marty is diligent when it comes to COVID-19 and safety measures, and always wears a mask and gloves while also wiping down the vehicles that he drives to ensure the safety of his passengers. He social distances himself when he’s outside his vehicle so that he doesn’t endanger others or himself, but when he’s not driving smiles, he’s staying at home to stay safe. 

We also asked Marty where he grew up and what his family life is like, along with asking him who his strongest influencers in life were. He stated, I grew up in Detroit, Michigan. My parents had 4 I had 3 sisters. My family was very close as was our extended family. My parents were very supportive and loving, as were my grandparents, aunts, and unclesMy parents were my strongest influences and I had excellent teachers and professors, and many people I’ve worked with who have inspired me to always do my best.

We hope you have enjoyed virtually getting to know a little bit about Martin Miller, AKA Marty because he is excited to potentially meet you at some point and spark up a wonderful conversation. Our drivers here at Bauer’s IT put you, the customer, first because they want you to experience the best in class when using our luxury services and they look forward to meeting you!

We met up with Javier during his split shift to give you the opportunity to meet yet another highly skilled and certified Bauer’s chauffeur. Here’s what Javi shared with us…

Your name?
Javier Tenorio

Number of years with Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation?
2 years and 6 months

What kind of vehicles do you drive or have a license to operate?
Class C -Sedan, Cadillac, and Mercedes Benz.

How familiar are you with the area and route you drive?
Very familiar.

What do you enjoy the most about driving?
Meeting new people and being able to provide the best service possible.

What were you doing before Bauer’s?
I Worked for San Francisco Unified School District as a driver, delivering school meals to several schools.

How are you personally and professionally dealing with Covid19?
By making sure I maintain the vehicles and make sure they are clean and disinfected. Also, by using the proper methods to keep myself and others safe, by wearing a mask and keeping good hygiene.

Where did you grow up, and what was your family life like?
I grew up in Central America (Nicaragua). I lived a life of enjoyment and just taking it day by day.

Javier is a joy to work with, is very enthusiastic, and understands the Bay Area very well and will always get you to your destination safely. He is very cautious when he drives and will makes sure to give you the smoothest ride possible when driving in luxury. Perhaps you will be blessed enough to get Javier as your chauffeur on your next trip, whether it be for business, airport transfer or maybe a trip to the wine country. 



We are pleased to introduce Carl, who has been with Bauer’s for more than eight years. He is a dedicated team member who has earned a Class C license. Some of the vehicles he drives in our Eco-friendly fleet are the Mercedes 350 R, Mercedes 350 GLS and the Cadillac Escalade. Carl is very familiar with the area in which he drives, so you can rest assured that he’ll get you to your destination safe and sound, all while enjoying your luxury ride in one of our high-end vehicles. 

What Carl enjoys most about driving is picking up passengers and being on the open road. Before Carl came to the Bauer’s team he had his own business in textile and uniform sales…so the next time Carl picks you up, feel free to indulge in a conversation about fashion, textiles or even sales.

Carl says, “I was attracted to the Bauer’s family because it is a good company and has a terrific reputation, along with truly nice vehicles.” We asked him what he liked best about driving for Bauer’s and he said he likes, “the freedom in the workplace and making customers happy.” 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Carl is taking precautions to keep himself and his riders safe by “wearing my mask and cleaning my vehicle after each use.” When he is not at work, he is “trying to stay home as much as possible.” You will be safe AND secure with Carl driving you. 

Carl also said “I was born in Los Angeles and raised in San Bruno. I also lived in San Diego for twelve years. We had a close-knit family and did many things together as a family.”We appreciate every one of our drivers and trust them like family, so, the next time you book a ride with Bauer’s, look for Carl because he will make your trip with us one to remember.