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About Us

Bus & Shuttle Services in San Francisco, CA

Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation accommodates individuals, corporations, educational facilities, government agencies, and even airports. We boast one of the largest fleets in America, over 200 luxury vehicles, from state-of-the-art eco-luxury business shuttles to black car & VIP services.  Bauer’s employs over 400 employees, including 200+ well-trained chauffeurs, who transport thousands of people each day to and from work and to special venues.

Greenest Transportation Company in America

Since our inception in 1989, Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation has received numerous accolades for its progressive leadership and innovation in sustainable transportation solutions. The company was recently bestowed with the honor of United Motorcoach Association’s prestigious “Green Highway” Award for the greenest transportation company in America.  To read more about our advances in sustainability and safety, click here.

What Sets this Bay Area Transportation Company Apart?

Not all transportation companies are alike. At Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation, we believe that our experience, attention to detail, quality assurance, and comprehensive training set us apart.

  • State of the art equipment – less than 3 years old on vehicles designed for up to 37 passengers; and less than 4 ½ years old on motor coaches designed for 52 passengers or more
  • All drivers have at minimum 2 weeks of in-house training
  • Smith System training – top defensive driving course in the country

Fuel Conservation Training

Bauer’s leads the industry with chauffeur training focused specifically on teaching and educating chauffeurs how to conserve fuel as they drive.  The way a coach is operated greatly impacts fuel usage. With the Bauer’s GPS speed monitoring system, it is easy for chauffeurs to monitor and sustain speeds that are conducive to the most efficient fuel impact.  Bauer’s also teaches chauffeurs about the impact of unnecessary idling, which wastes fuel and creates unnecessary pollution.

Additionally, Bauer’s sends our mechanics out to be trained not only on the newest fleet engines, but also on how to maintain the vehicles to enhance fuel mileage and transmission performance so that each vehicle performs at its best.

State-of-the-Art Transportation Technology

BIT Technology – Bauer’s uses advanced BIT smart technology on all vehicles to enhance training efforts and show what happens when certain diagnostic and G-Force parameters are exceeded. Additionally, Bauer’s has taken technology much further and merged the “Intelligent Transportation” with their Eco-efforts.

Dispatch Monitoring – Bauer’s employs state of the art GPS technology to monitor vehicles for traffic patterns, flight updates, speed and idling. Results are monitored by the Bauer’s dispatch team 24/7 365 days a year on four 42-inch flat monitor screens.

Upgraded Transportation Fleet in San Francisco

At Bauer’s, updating our fleet is a continuous process, selling over 30 vehicles each year and replacing them with hybrids, CNG, propane or bio-diesel engines. By continuing to purchase the newest vehicles in the industry, Bauer’s can provide you with the newest technology and industry innovations.

Tour Bus, Party Bus, & Charter Bus Brands

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