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Exclusively Curated Tour of Sonoma & Napa Valley

Behind the Vines — A Day in Wine Country
is an exclusive curated tour of the nation’s premier wine destination. This unique and exceptional experience leaves guests feeling inspired, indulged, and engaged. Passionate about sharing their industry insights and insider access, our partners at Verve Napa Valley provide a richly informed experience that goes above and beyond your run-of-the-mill wine tours and tastings. With Bauer’s IT and Verve, the details matter: you and your guests  travel in style and comfort as you  sip champagne and get acquainted with the authentic spirit of Napa and Sonoma Wine Country.

All-Inclusive Premium Wine Tour Package

premium wine tour package
Receive Insider’s Access to Exclusive Vineyards & Private Tours

The day includes visits to three select wineries, a private tour lead by wine educators, tastings, a gourmet lunch, and much more.

  • Verve’s insider access provides an elevated experience, which surpasses independent/self-guided visits to the Napa Valley.
  • Featured group activities, such as wine blending classes & barrel tastings, in an atmosphere that is conducive to camaraderie and team building.
  • All levels of wine interest and expertise are accommodated.
  • On-board host provides information, insight, and insider dish about the Napa Valley.
  • A wine paired lunch served in the authentic atmosphere of a working winery’s exclusive area, outdoors whenever possible.

Explore Napa Valley and Sonoma County like Never Before

explore Napa and SonomaYou and your guests gain an understanding of the Napa Valley, its history and terroir, through behind the scenes views of what goes into the making of exceptional wines. Guided by a knowledgeable wine educator, the day’s activities, tastings, and anecdotes build to an unparalleled Wine Country experience that you simply cannot replicate on your  own.

Behind the Vines-A Day in Wine Country is presented exclusively by Bauer’s IT & Verve Napa Valley