Campus Shuttles


Reliable Shuttle Routes for Staff & Students

Provide easy and quick access to key zones on and off your campus and to nearby public  transit stops. Select from eco-friendly vehicles that allow employees to enjoy a comfortable ride  while reducing environmental impact.

Getting Safely Around Campus

Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation provides seamless and effective solutions to employers,  universities, and municipalities seeking to address their community’s daily travel needs. Our  private transit systems provides coverage for campuses, local public transit stations, parking  lots, and local dormitories and residences.

The luxurious amenities provided by our contract shuttles not only add convenience but also  help boost productivity. With WI-FI connectivity, airline tables, LCD monitors, and even power  ports to keep laptops and phones charged in transit, employees can prepare and finish work  during their commute.

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Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation’s campus shuttles help organizations meet their sustainability  goals. As a leading provider of sustainable luxury ground transportation solutions, our company  utilizes eco-friendly vehicles that allow employees to enjoy a comfortable ride while meeting  their own sustainability goals. With a program that helps reduce traffic congestion, organizations  can minimize pollution and help to improve air quality for their local community.

Whether it’s a small or a multinational company, a university, or a government agency, Bauer’s  Intelligent Transportation can come up with a strategy to help clients reduce commute demands  and orchestrate policies and plans that help manage transportation issues.

For inquiries about Bauer’s campus shuttles and other transportation services for universities  and organizations in San Francisco, feel free to call us at 1-800-546-6688.